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Fellay Speaks After the Storm

Rorate Caeli has posted a translation of a 14 Feb. interview with Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the SSPX. The interviewer asks about future talks between Pope Benedict and the SSPX regarding Vatican II. The bishop is firm, but is careful to avoid the old "modernist Rome" rhetoric. Some excerpts follow.

Fellay re Vatican II: "The texts are not clear, and there is a multitude of different interpretations which are accepted within the Church. If we do not desire the collapse of the Church, clarifications on this Council, which wished itself to be pastoral and not dogmatic, are urgent. John Paul II already said in 1982 that heresy had spread abundantly within the Church. We are thus glad that Rome speaks of necessary discussions with us to deal with foundational questions."

Question: "You have, nonetheless, the hope of reaching a doctrinal consensus with the Pope... "

BF: "That seems difficult. True, we have the impression that he is close to us on the liturgical question. On the other hand, he believes very deeply in the innovations of Vatican II."

Q: "The pope has accomplished a great step towards you, but one has the impression that he finds himself somewhat alone, disregarded by a number of bishops who apparently do not want you in the Church."

BF: "At a moment on which we speak of a return to full communion, the Pope is effectively, perhaps, asking himself who, between certain bishops and ourselves, is closer to him."

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