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The Birth-Control War is On! The Bishops Only Rush Limbaugh Fights Back (Updated 3/17)

President Obama, with the help of Nancy Pelosi and Georgetown University, pulled off a shameless media stunt to push universal subsidized birth control. They paraded a Georgetown student before Congress to beg us to pay for all the drugs and/or devices she needs in her quest for unlimited fornication. She was portrayed as a victim, first of Georgetown and then of Congress, having been silenced by an earlier committee. What a show! The Left really set up a marvel, figuring nobody would dare to fight back.

But God bless (and convert) Rush Limbaugh, who clearly saw the show for what it was. He mounted a brilliant counter attack that sent the Left into an absolute frenzy! "If we're paying for this, it makes these women sluts, prostitutes," he countered. The Left, to save the show, had to go so far as to pull the President of the United States to the phone to console the poor "victim"! What a disgrace to the highest office of our land. Additionally, a screaming cavalcade of Rush-denouncers included the President of Georgetown U., and even the (Catholic) Speaker of the House, John Boehner, showing his true colors.

Catholics WAKE UP! The war is on. The Left is doing everything in their power to cow the bishops into submission. They kowtowed before on ObamaCare, and will probably kowtow again. You must speak up in front of your fellow parishioners to make sure they vote the socialist Obama out of office for good. Pray the Rosary for an end to Socialism.

(Update on this Happy St. Patrick's Day) With the failure of the Flucke distraction and the failure to defund Rush, Hussein is desperate. He is now explicitly forcing universities to subsidize their students' fornication. Oh, and the bishops...well, they're talking a bunch, and Cardinal Dolan had a good letter, but they're still stumping for universal health care (see no. 80, "a fundamental human right") along with the whole Democratic Party (read "Socialist") platform. And Rush is onto them, too!

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