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The Purpose of The Latin Mass Network is to promote the Traditional Mass - the Mass of All Ages. With the promulgation of the Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum, a new wave of enthusiasm for the restoration of Tradition is sweeping the Church. At last, every priest has the opportunity to offer the Mass in its most pure form. Every pastor may initiate a Traditional Mass in his parish and soon, with a little work and prayer, every Catholic will be able to find a Traditional Mass conveniently located. We want help this vision by encouraging both the clergy and the laity to work together, to share resources, and to unite in a common goal.

Along side the establishment and increase of the Ancient Rite in every diocese and parish, there must also be an increase in devotion and proper participation. How often have we heard that in the ages gone by the people did not participate in the Mass because they did not know Latin and therefore they did not know what was going on? Well, sad to say, the New Mass has only added to the ignorance of what is taking place on our altars. In days gone by, the faithful knew what the Sacrifice of the Mass was all about and made of It a living sacrifice by their prayerful and meditative participation in Church followed by sacrifices made in their daily lives. Churches were full, vocations flourished, and Catholic Education was second to none. The Latin Mass Network is working to bring that back.

The core of The Latin Mass Network is a group of Catholic laity loyal to the Traditional Latin Mass, Catholic Tradition, and orthodox Catholic teaching. We place ourselves under the patronage of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and we hope that you, too, will become part of the network in whatever way you find possible. Please send us leads and stories of interest in your area relative to the spread of the Pope’s wishes expressed in the Motu Proprio. We will offer many other suggestions in the future; for now you may want to make an occasional comment on the Blog or simply book mark us in your “favorites.”

God bless you.

The Staff